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Dexxion - classic bikerOur remit is simple; to provide worldwide classic bike enthusiasts with top quality, reliable, informative and trustworthy motorcycle news, motorbike events, buyers guides and biking features on matters relating both directly and indirectly to the ownership, preservation and enjoyment of old motorcycles.


Del Monte - classic bikerHowever, we also take a sidelong glance at what's happening in the mainstream motorcycling world through insightful news stories, authoritative road tests, unbiased product reviews and much more.


Queen of Sump - classic bikerAdditionally, we feature more lateral cultural news and social influences that we feel might be of interest to motorcyclists across the generations. Consequently, we see Sump not so much a motorcycle magazine, but a magazine for motorcyclists.


Classic motorcyclist Big EndTo underpin Sump, we sell a range products such as biker T-shirts, sweatshirts, motorcycle books, metal garage signs, framed prints, security equipment, motorcycle gifts and more. So take a look around and see what interests you. And if you don't like anything you buy, just return it for a no quibble full refund.


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Triumph Bonneville T140 buyers guide


Triumph Bonneville T140 buyers guide link


Is the 750cc Triumph Bonneville T140 the greatest practical British classic bike of all? We own two examples and have covered tens of thousands of miles on these bikes. Great parts supply. Easy to maintain. Surfooted handling. And stylish. Meriden's last bow was the best of the bunch.



BSA M20 & M21 buyers guide


BSA M20 & M21 buyers guide link


We love our own 500cc and 600cc BSA M20/M21 sidevalves. Not the fastest kids on the block, but solid, reliable and addictive. Come and discover the appeal of Val Page's workaday, practical and dependable Beezers—as recommended by the British Army.



Norton Commando buyers guide


Norton Commando buyers guide link


The original Norton Commando was five times in succession voted machine of the year. We take a look at the 750cc and 850cc bikes and give you the lowdown on these very competent and often underrated British classic motorcycles.



BSA DBD34 Gold Star buyers guide


BSA Gold Star DBD34 buyers guide link


The 500cc BSA DBD34 Gold Star singles are hard graft. But with work, comes reward. These motorcycle might not put hair on everyone's chest, but they'll put a smile on most faces.



BSA A10 Golden Flash buyers guide


BSA Golden Flash A10 buyers guide link


The tireless 650cc BSA A10 Golden Flash. Once ridden, you could find yourself forever smitten by these classic cruising Small Heath twins.



BSA Bantam buyers guide


BSA Bantam buyers guide link


The lowly BSA Bantam is a perennial favourite. Available with 125cc, 150cc and 175cc two-stroke engines, these are easy-living classic bikes for riders in no particular hurry.



Triumph Trident T150 & T160 buyers guide


Triumph Trident buyers guide link


Looking for a cool British multi? The 750cc Triumph Trident T150 and the T160 stablemate are ideal. Good spread of power. Plenty of mid-range grunt. Fabulous sound. Come and read what makes these triples so cool.



Harley-Davidson Evo Sportster buyers guide


Harley-Davidson Evo Sportster buyers guide link


The 883cc and 1200cc Evolution Harley-Davidson Sportsters are better value than ever. They're not just entry-level Hogs. They're great all-round, everyday roadsters underpinned by that famous Milwaukee pedigree.



Kawasaki W800 and W650 buyers guide

Kawasaki W800 buyers guide link


Discover these two very popular retros; the 676cc Kawasaki W650 and the 773cc W800. The best "British classics" ever built in Japan are near cult motorcycles and deserve your consideration and coin if you're looking for a simple, modern, but paradoxically old-world ride.



Moto Guzzi Le Mans buyers guide


Moto Guzzi Le Mans buyers guide link


The 850cc Moto Guzzi Le Mans is a perfectly formed two-wheeled Italian missile on rubber. But it's also something of an acquired taste. Here's an aperitif before you tuck into the main course.



Panther M100 & M120 buyers guide


Panther M100 & M120 buyers guide link


Phelon & Moore's 594cc M100 & 645cc M120 Panthers are still cool cats. Simple, strong, and original, it's difficult to find more characterful classic big British singles.


Classic bike buyers guide link


Read, learn, enjoy, buy and ride—and please correct us if you feel we've got anything wrong. We want our classic bike buyers guides to be accurate, authoritative, trustworthy and entertaining.





How to buy motorcycle insurance - free advice for riders


Looking for motorcycle insurance? Who isn't? At least once a year, the timely renewals notification clunks on your doormat loaded with the latest monetary demand for bike insurance, car insurance, home insurance and/or life insurance. And when it does, you either dig into your wallet for more cash than last year or, if you've been behaving yourself and the fates have been kind to you, you discover that your premiums have actually reduced.


Then again, maybe this is your first time into the murky world of motorcycle insurance and you need some guidance. [More...]



Helpful links

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insurance rates

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Where you live matters to insurers

Where do you keep your bike at night?

Motorcyclists occupations

What bike are you riding?

Annual mileage makes a big difference

Compare motorcycle insurance


How to buy a motorcycle crash helmet - great advice and tips


Buying a motorcycle crash helmet helpful feature


Buying an expensive crash helmet will save your life, and buying a cheap crash helmet will kill you, right? Well not necessarily. The truth is that a lot of nonsense has been bandied around about wearing a lid and falling off a bike with/without one.


We're gonna try not to add to the nonsense, but it's an imperfect world. So keep in mind that everything we're about to tell you might be carved-in-stone-fact, or it might be garbage. As ever, you'll just have to believe whoever is most believable, then pay your money and take your chances. Just keep in mind that we've tried hard to get it absolutely right. But if you can show us where we've slipped up, send us an email message and we'll sort it out, pronto. [More...]




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